About Us

I have over 25 years experience in developing business solutions based on Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word.

      I also have extensive experience in developing databased solutions using MS SQL Server (a medium to large scale database system), with a web or application based (Visual Basic) interface. Additionaly, I have experience with developing in .NET, the current programming language of choice in the Microsoft environment.
 My professional experience is diverse – from working with one man bands to small business, charity organisations up to international corporations, I have done it all! This gives me a vast and broad depth of knowledge that you can take advantage of.
    I am proud to say that the quality of my work is second to none. I have had many customers who have been very happy with the systems I have developed. I pride ourselves in creating systems that just keep on going. A system that I built in 1997 is still running today, it even survived the Y2k (millenium) bug!

What they said:

          “In 1997, Mini Tankers required a specialised invoice entry system for the capture of the diesel deliveries made by the tanker trucks. With more than forty tankers providing deliveries daily, a quick and easy data entry capture method was required. The data entry form needed to mimic the manual day sheet completed by the driver for each delivery. Teresa French was employed to develop the data entry system. The access database allowed for import of master files and lookup files, data entry of the day’s transactions and export of a text (CSV) file to be imported into the back office accounting system. Although most of the tankers are now automated, the manual entry is still used today for some drivers. For more than ten years, the system has been in use for Mini Tankers, running reliably and efficiently every day. Thanks Teresa!”
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